When you take a spin class with Gregg Cook, it's not just a sweat-inducing heart-pumping physical workout -- it's one of the most spiritual and soul-searching hours you'll spend (short of meditating in a cave). For Cook, peddling the bike is simply a metaphor for life: how much are you willing to leave everything else outside and be here in the moment? How much are you willing and push and challenge yourself? With this Zen-like spin class, you'll not only go far beyond your limits, but in less than an hour, you're likely to find your own path.

~Margie Goldsmith
Writer, novelist, essayist

Dear Gregg: Thanks to spinning with you, I have unleashed potential in me that I didn't even know existed. Thanks a million!


"No matter what shape I'm in, no matter what mood I'm in, if I take one of Gregg's classes, I have a super hard, super great workout. No matter what. It's a game changer. All I have to do is show up. ..and the same thing goes for doing one of Gregg's recorded classes."

"Gregg is the real deal. With some cycling teachers, the class simply goes along with some random playlist. When the song changes, guess what.. the cadence changes. You stand up. You sit down. It's mindless. Gregg actually designs the ride to get you to work hard and train well. The music goes with his program, not the other way around."

My friend is an Iron Man triathlete (the kind that's ranked in his age group). I took him to one of Gregg's classes and it kicked his ass.


Gregg Cook does not simply "teach" fitness, he also lives it. He is the epitome of an instructor who leads by example. He has a passion and strength of purpose that is motivating and extremely inspiring. His method of instruction is not just a repetitive litany of "yes you can" it is a call to dig deep and find within yourself a sense of confidence, and drive that is more than a call to fitness. It is in every way a motto on how to live your life-with a sense of purpose, passion and the knowledge that you can do anything you put your mind to.

~Shadia Sachedina

I have been training with gregg for nearly twenty years. every day is a different challenge, a new perspective, a push to greater performance--both physical and mental. Gregg's manner of training is purposeful and informed by innate curiosity, quest for knowledge and old fashioned hard work--he shares with us his own very real dedication to personal growth. Gregg motivates, innovates, and elevates from his own core strength and insight. He truly deserves the title master trainer.

~Gailanne Grosso

You have been a great motivational/inspirational influence for both Anne and me over the past few years so we wanted you to know about this. Will keep you posted along the way.

~Larry Z

Gregg's energy during class is palpable, he pushes me to get results with my body I could never have imagined. If you have the opportunity to experience one of his sessions, take it and you will never regret it.


A lot about spinning is emotion, energy, sweat, music and beat- Gregg brings that all to the table. But he also reminds you of the mechanics- cadence, resistance, and form- why you are sitting on your bike, and how to achieve your goals.

~Bob Smith
B-East/Equinox, New York

Although I spend a good many more days per week running (generally 4 - 5) my gratitude for the marathon runner I have become belongs to Gregg. His spin classes very quickly changed me. It's not necessarily change in the way that most people might think...I am not necessarily thinner, I haven't dropped a dress size...instead I am a different person physically AND mentally thanks to Gregg Cook. For me, Gregg's method of teaching is about truly understanding how much more your body (and more importantly your mind) are capable of than you think, about knowing what hard work really is (and realizing how fooled you were when you thought you were working hard before). I look forward to starting my week off properly with great music, a great workout that always feels new and the best spin instructor in NYC (more likely the U.S. and quite possily the world). I wish I could fit Gregg in more than once a week, but usually that's the most I can do. Get a little Gregg any chance you get. You are one of a kind!


Gregg makes me push myself to limits I previously thought were physically impossible. Gregg is the best trainer and motivator. He pushes you over your mental and physical limits.

~Irina Dragulev

Gregg is my Fitness Guru. Having spent 30 years trying to 'perfect' my routine, which went from "Model Skinny" to post babies re-boot, to now "Anti-sagging Middle Aged Mamma", I have never met anyone that has such a wealth of information, inspiration, motivation, and compassion. He TRULY works with you to fix all of the 'head games' you play with yourself and gets you into the space to be the fittest, healthiest, happiest person you can be. I think anyone that gets the awesome opportunity to work with Gregg should not only take it, but LOCK-IT-IN, because he will be a Household name VERY soon.

~Morgen Schick DeMann
Author, Makeup Artist, TV Producer

Gregg Cook can prove that you're capable of 100%...110%...120% in one class. He sets an example of passion and hard work, until it becomes a part of your own life. Exhausted never felt so amazing!

~Sara Goff

I love working out with you. Before taking your classes, I would barely go the gym and would stick to the same routine for the most part. Your classes have inspired me to challenge my limits, try out new exercise routines, and work out more consistently. They have changed the way I understand and live fitness. I feel stronger and healthier. Your classes are one of the things I most look forward to every week.

~Alejandra Valdiviezo

Gregg has such an impact on me as a fitness finatic that I will follow him club to club. His classes are cutting edge, unique and dare I say - fun! Gregg is an inspiration all around - he's in amazing shape which inspires and pushes me and he's always offering up his extensive knowledge in the health and fitness field. In his Terracycle classes, I really feel like I am part of a cycling team riding on the open roads or competing in a race to the top of a mountain. His energy and GREAT music provide an all-around motivational fitness experience!

~Chamisa Lamm
MTV Fashion Stylist
917 287 5117
Twitter: @ChamisaLamm

I want thank Gregg for strengthening my ride and enhancing my spinning technique. As a triathlete, I love his challenging and stimulating classes. I depend on an excellent instructor during the week when I cannot take my bike for a ride. His competitive teaching style challenges me every time. There is no way to daydream when you get pushed as you do in his classes. Spinning at least twice a week with him improved my endurance and strength so much, that I placed first in my age group in the NYC TriRock. I owe you, Gregg, big time!


Gregg Cook is an amazing and inspiring instructor. His training sessions not only help me achieve my fitness goals, they inspire me to be able to do all the goals I set for my life. Thank you Gregg!!


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